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Chodsky dog


A medium-sized sheepdog type with an oblong-shaped
body. It has a long coat with rich
underhair, which makes it hardy and weather-resista
nt. Its bodily structure has superb
harmony. All its body parts are aligned so as to ma
ke the whole compact and graceful. The
breed is characterised by its posture and its short
ears, the elegant shape of its long neck and
withers, as well as the richness of its long coat.
It moves lightly and freely. It is noted for its
lively personality with no signs of nervousness. It
is affectionate towards family members,
particularly with children. With strangers it is re
strained, although when those it loves or their
belongings are threatened it can become fierce and
aggressive. It is an excellent dog for
guarding, protection and for company, and is able t
o handle difficult training. It is blessed
with an outstanding nose and performs sniffing work
easily and with spirit. Its ideal medium
size and ease of control mean that the Chodský Dog
can be used for guide-dog training, while
its excellent sense of smell make it ideal for resc
ue work and for finding people after
avalanches. It also has a gift for guarding herds a
nd work in a harness.
A lively dog with fast, although not rash reactions
. Slightly docile, attentive, easy to control,
amenable. It is modest, undemanding and tenacious.
It is remarkably affectionate with small
children and makes a lovely member of the family. I
t is fearless, has strong nerves and is
exceptionally vigilant. It has a superb sense of


About my dog - Estel od Lužničky - Dáša

Dáša is a female of Chodsky dog with a friendly behaviour and perfect exterior. She has managed to gain the titul Czech Champion at the ege of incomplete 3 years.

More information:

We are planning puppies - in sping/ summer 2015

From the last dog show:  January 2015 in Brno: CAC, BOB, National winner, 2 nd place in final NON FCI groupe - PERFECT SUCCESS

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